Art for Conservation, 2021 Print Offer

Art for Conservation

Discover art that makes an impact for the planet and be a part of the Vital Impacts print sale happening now!

I am thrilled to offer two images available for purchase, the only images that I am offering this year. I have carefully selected these images to be a part of the Vital Impacts nonprofit organization that supports the habitat, wildlife and people. Proceeds go 60% to nonprofit organizations and 40% to the photographer to help support them too.

I am honored to be chosen as one of participating photographers for this curated event. I hope you will purchase a print of mine or that of another photographer helping the environment and artists.

You can collect art, support conservation and see the images here:

$25 off unlimited editions special with the code EARLYBIRD - I’m grateful for the support.

See all of the images here:

Happy photographing!

Cheers, Jen

Shooting Star Over Lake Tahoe

I photographed the Perseids meteor shower for a few days in mid August. While photographing the previous night it was cloudy with only a few stars visible. For this night, I was hoping for a clear sky and I was in luck. In this image, a big meteor streaked across the night sky over Lake Tahoe.

The Milky Way Galaxy goes through the center of the frame. The sky is dark to our eye but with a long exposure the camera picks up the light in the sky and more than our eyes can see. The Milky Way looks like a pale band of white light stretching though the sky to our eyes and yet the camera reveals additional stars and the beautiful gasses with dust we cannot see. This image combines one photograph with the meteor and Milky Way with another photograph of the same composition at twilight, revealing light on the lake. This creates the surreal look. 

Vital Impacts

King Penguins and Mountains

Photographing at the remote Islands of South Georgia in the sub-arctic, extreme stormy weather prevented us from landing on the islands most days on the trip. Luckily on this day, the clearing storm allowed us to take a zodiac, landing on St. Andrews Bay. The Yellow Breasted King Penguins gather under the soaring mountain peaks. I love the way they slowly waddle up the beach as they return to the safety of the colony after diving for small fish in the ocean. 

Vital Impacts

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